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"3wayfunding Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Build Wealth Using Your Corporation. 
  •  Get Business Loan Approvals Regardless Of Personal Credit History
  •  Buy And Own Cars For FREE Without Using Your Personal Credit
  •  Invest And Own Real Estate Using Other People Money
  •  Increase Business Profits While Paying Less That 21% in Taxes To the IRS
(Without Ever Having To Hire or Rely On A Business Credit Guru!)

Houston Mcmiller, CEO

Houston is the founder of the 3wayfunding System. He teaches you leading strategies to help any type of business get funded regardless of credit history...
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  •   Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup 
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
You and I both know that making money isn’t the most important thing in life.
But the reality is this...
I mean, forget living like a movie star...
  • Wouldn’t it be nice having a few thousand dollars left every month AFTER you’ve covered your business costs?
I mean - wouldn’t you feel so much better to know you have a stash of money you can depend on instead having your savings drop to close to nothing every time you go on a business trip… or you have an unexpected expense?...
And here’s a fun one...
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could own a few rental homes and start collecting passive income NOW?... 
Instead of telling yourself: “someday I’ll get into real estate investing” and while deep down you know, “someday” may never come?...
And even if you don’t want any investment homes...
And here’s a fun one...
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your clients to an upscale restaurant and not worrying about the cost, because it's a business tax write off?...
Like instead of going to a franchise restaurant and choosing the cheapest entrees… cheapest drinks… and skipping out on appetizers to save a few bucks… what if you can get what you want without looking at the price?... 

What if you could entertain you clients without cringing when the bill comes?
And imagine this...
And beyond getting a better place for yourself...
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able Rent, Lease or Buy Your Dream Car under your business and be able to write it off on your taxes 
So instead of you forcing to drive around in embarrassing trasportation trying to convice clients you're a successful business owner.  You're able to show them how successful you are by pulling up in a nice luxurious suv or convertibe.
And even much better than driving your dream car for Free...
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose the city or area you want to live in and grow your business?
So instead of squeezing you and your loved ones into a tiny place… or living out in the middle of nowhere and having a long commute everywhere... or even worse… living in a bad neighborhood where you know you’re sending your kids to a bad school…
Wouldn’t it be great to just live where you want?
It doesn’t mean you need to be in a huge mansion…
But what if you could just live in a decent area that supports your lifestyle?
And beyond getting a better place for yourself...
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a new home for Mom and Dad? Don’t you feel like they deserve it even if they weren’t the most perfect parents? 
And even if you can’t get them a new house... wouldn’t you feel great if you could pay for all of your parents' medical bills and other living costs as they get older?
Even better, wouldn’t it be great to be able to take care of your parents… (and your partner’s parents)... WITHOUT hurting your own lifestyle?...
How proud would you make your parents? How much joy would that bring to your partner?
And if you have kids, how much of a better role model would you be for them?
And beyond getting a better place for yourself...
  • And if you’re already making a good living now, wouldn’t it just be nice to make more money while working less?
At this point, if you’re still convinced money can’t change your life, you can STOP reading here.
I simply can’t help you.
But if you’re one of the few who ‘get it’, here’s how I’ll turn you into a money-making genius and make “getting rich” one of the easiest things in your life.
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No obligations, no contracts, no hidden fees
  •   Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup 
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
Ways You Can Leverage Business Credit Under A C-Corporation
Invest In and Own Assets
  •  Own Financial Assets: Using The Money You Raised From Building Corporate Credit You Can Buy And Own Stocks and Bonds In Other Companies.
  •  Own Small Businesses: With Corporate Credit You Can Own Other Business That Increases Your Business Profits
  • Own Liquidize Assets: Use Corporate Credit To Own gold, silver,oils,collectibles, valuable jewelry, live stock, and real estate
Invest In Real Estate
  •  Cash Flow can provide ongoing, monthly income that is mostly passive, allowing you to spend your time building a business, traveling or reinvesting in more real estate.
  • Tax benefits: The government rewards rental property owners. The government offers tax benefits including depreciation and significantly lower tax-rates for long-term profits.
  •  The loan pay down: Your tenant is actually the one paying the mortgage payment, thus increasing your net worth each month.
  •  Appreciation: While the loan is being paid down the value of real estate, generally, goes up.
  •  A hedge against inflation: inflation pushes the cost of living higher and higher, my cash flow will only increase.
  •  Control: You get to control the situation, and your financial future, with real estate investing.
Increase Business Marketing To Double Sales
  •  Helps you to build authority and credibility
  •  Generates traffic to your site to improve lead generation
  •  Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects
  •  Marketing research and analytics will increase sales through deeper understanding of your customers
  •  Marketing allows your business to compete by promoting your brand to the right people
Buy. Own, and Sell Liquidated Assets and Products
  •  Saving Money: Save thousands of dollars compared to the retail cost of the products you buy wholesale
  •  Get Expensive Products For Pennies: Find a wide variety of goods
  •  Selling Established Products: buy brands that people already know, love, and trust.
  •  Save On Shipping Cost: Having lower shipping costs means even more savings for your business
  •  Compete With the Larger Companies: because you are getting these goods at lower prices, and you can sell them at a discount to customers.
Expand Your Current Business
  •  Buy More Inventory: Having Access To Corporate and Business Credit Allows You To Buy More Inventory To Keep Up With Demand.
  •  Increase Marketing: Having Corporate Credit Allows You To Increase Marketing Which Increases Sales, Which Increases Profits In The Business
  •  Business Expansion: Corporate Credit Could Help You Expand The Business Much Faster.

Buy Vehicles and Equipment For Your Business
  •  Deducting Operating Expenses: A corporation can deduct all of the expenses incurred during the operation of a company-owned vehicle. Costs such as fuel, maintenance and even car washes can be deducted by the company.
  • Depreciating the Cost: The cost of a vehicle can be deducted by depreciating the value over several years. If it leases instead of buys, a corporation can deduct the lease payments instead of depreciating the cost, and the annual write-off amount will be comparable.
  • Big Deductions for Big Vehicles: When a company purchases a large vehicle -- bigger than a car or standard pickup truck -- the full purchase price may be deductible for the year of purchase. The Section 179 deduction allows 100 percent write-offs of business equipment, including larger vehicles that meet the criteria of this particular tax rule.
Lower Your Taxes By Taking More Business Trips
  •  Tax write-offs galore: Business Class Flights, 50 Percent of Food and Entertainment When You're Traveling For Work
  •  Business Attire: Writing off Business Clothing When You're Taking Business Trips
  • Luxury Car Rental: When You're On Business Trips And Need To Rent Luxury Cars Like Limo's, Mercedes, or BMW's To Impress That Potential Client
  •  Staying At 5 Star Hotels and Resorts
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No obligations, no contracts, no hidden fees
  •   Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup 
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
Can I Get Business Loans Approvals with Bad Credit?
As A Small Business Owner Operating Under A C-Corporation You Can Get Business Loans Approvals, Regardless Of Your Bad Credit History.  By Using Revenue Based Lending,   Thru Bank deposits and Credit Card Sales, Or Using A Credit Partner..
3 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Corporation
Do I Need A Registered Agent To Start A
Do I Need A Virtual Office To Start A
Do I Need Other Members To Start A C-Corporation?
Tell Us Your Business Goals, And We'll Show You What You Need AND We'll GIVE YOU Our Highest Recommended Strategies To Accomplish Them.
  •  Tax Savings : Under the new tax bill, the corporate tax rate decreased from 35 percent down to 21 percent, which is lower than the tax rate for pass-through income. And because of the decrease in most individual tax brackets, even income that is passed-through to individual shareholders will be taxed at a lower rate. Combined, this means there may no longer be a significant tax advantage to filing your business as a pass-through entity. ***YOU PAY LESS TAXES AS A CORPORATION THAN IF YOU WERE A PASS THRU ENTITY LIFE A LLC OR S- CORPORATION
  •  Raising Capital: Chosing a C-corporation to start your Business has great benefits. You're able to sell shares of stock to raise money for the company. You're not limited to the number of share holders owning company stock. You can increase the stock shares and price to meet yor financial goals
  •  Personal Liability Protection: By setting up a C-corporation you're fully separating the business from your personal assets. You and you're assests are protected as long as their were no intentional negligence on any of the board members behalf.
  •   Longevity- A corporation does not have to dissolve if the owner dies or the partners part ways. The company can keep moving forward and growing, if the owner chooses by transferring the stock of the company
  •  Transferability - Having The Ability to transfer stock in the corporation makes it easier to raise money for other investments. Also having a corporation you're able to transfer it over to family and loves that you believe will keep the company going after you step down or pass on.
Join 3wayfunding Today:
No obligations, no contracts, no hidden fees
  •   Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup 
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
Why Choosing The Right Business Entity Matters?
The Big LLC Tax Mistake
The S-Corporation Loan Denial
The 3wayfunding System Does Alot
To Save Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Time and Money When Growing Their Businesses With The
Done For You Program
3wayfunding Sets The 
C-Corporation Up For You
3wayfunding Orders The Articles Of Incorporation For You 
  • Protect Your Personal Assets - Incorporating your business is one of the best ways you can protect your personal assets. By Using A C-Corporation to separate you from the business ensures that your personal assets are safe.
  •  Have Easier Access to Capital - Raising capital is generally easier for a corporation, since a corporation can issue shares of stock. 
  •  Enhance Your Business’ Credibility - The benefits of incorporating go beyond finances. Suppliers, customers and business associates often perceive corporations as being more stable than unincorporated businesses
3wayfunding Orders The Ein/Tax ID Number For You
  • It identifies the business so the owner or owners can perform certain tasks
  •  EIN allows business owners to open bank accounts and take out loans in the company’s name.
  •  Employer Identification Numbers allows you to eliminate your social security number
3wayfunding Does The Data Base Registration For You 
  • Business Registration- gives credibility and trust and also ensures confidence and your investors or lenders will see that they are dealing with a company and will be willing to do lend you money if other terms and conditions are made.
  •  Registering your business gives your potential customers confidence that they are dealing with a reputable organization.
  •  Registering your C-Corporation makes it easier for lenders and customers to find you in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
3wayfunding The Corporate Kit For You 
  • Provides a safe place to store and organize all your important company documents.
  •  The bylaws are a clear and concise definition of the structure of your corporation, and include identification of the directors and officers of the corporation as well as their duties and responsibilities. The bylaws also define the day-to-day procedures of the company.
  •  A corporation's stock certificates demonstrate the number of shares issued to the shareholder, thus displaying ownership within the corporation.  Stock certificates are issue to help raise capital for the corporation
Reduce Your Business Taxes With A C-Corporation
  • Minimizing your overall tax burden- The new corporate tax rate of 21 percent reduced from 35 percent means a significant tax savings for all C corporations, especially if a business doesn’t regularly make distributions to owners in the form of dividends.
  •  The C-Corporation can fully deduct its share of payroll taxes.
  •  One Huge advantages of the C corporation structure is that it’s the only entity that supports 401(k) business financing (formally called the Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) arrangement.) ROBS allows entrepreneurs to use their retirement funds as business financing without incurring tax penalties or early withdrawal fees.
You Get Instant Access To The 3wayfunding Business Credit System
  • You learn the how to build business and corporate credit.  Also, the difference between business credit and corporate credit.
  •  You have full access to the personal credit program to help you restore your challenging credit.
  •  You'll be able to the top business marketing program to help you sell more of your products and services.
Join 3wayfunding Today:
No obligations, no contracts, no hidden fees
  •   Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup 
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
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