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  •  Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
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Ways You Can Leverage Business Credit Under A C-Corporation
Get Business Credit Cards And Loans Without Personal Credit
  • Higher credit limits. Such cards typically carry credit limits of $50,000 or more, making it much easier to make major business purchases that you would not be able to make using your personal credit card or cash.
  •  Separate business credit. A business credit card stands on its own, meaning your personal credit rating is not reflected in your transactions. In addition, by having a separate credit card for a small business, you no longer have to sort out business and personal transactions when it is time to pay taxes.
  • Maxing out business credit cards will not affect your personal credit.
  • Business Credit Line Approval- Builds Business Credit – Businesses need to establish ratings with the major business credit reporting agencies. Using a business revolving line of credit allows you to build a positive payment history that appears on your company’s business credit report. This will allow you to potentially obtain future credit for your business based on your company’s creditworthiness.
Buy And Own Real Estate
  •  Cash Flow can provide ongoing, monthly income that is mostly passive, allowing you to spend your time building a business, traveling or reinvesting in more real estate.
  • Tax benefits: The government rewards rental property owners. The government offers tax benefits including depreciation and significantly lower tax-rates for long-term profits.
  • The loan pay down: Your tenant is actually the one paying the mortgage payment, thus increasing your net worth each month.
  • Appreciation: While the loan is being paid down the value of real estate, generally, goes up.
  •  A hedge against inflation: inflation pushes the cost of living higher and higher, my cash flow will only increase.
  • Control: You get to control the situation, and your financial future, with real estate investing.
Buy And Own Cars For Business
  •  Deducting Operating Expenses: A corporation can deduct all of the expenses incurred during the operation of a company-owned vehicle. Costs such as fuel, maintenance and even car washes can be deducted by the company.
  • Depreciating the Cost: The cost of a vehicle can be deducted by depreciating the value over several years. If it leases instead of buys, a corporation can deduct the lease payments instead of depreciating the cost, and the annual write-off amount will be comparable.
  • Big Deductions for Big Vehicles: When a company purchases a large vehicle -- bigger than a car or standard pickup truck -- the full purchase price may be deductible for the year of purchase. The Section 179 deduction allows 100 percent write-offs of business equipment, including larger vehicles that meet the criteria of this particular tax rule.
Buy. Own, and Sell Liquidated Assets
  • Saving Money: Save thousands of dollars compared to the retail cost of the products you buy wholesale
  • Get Expensive Products For Pennies: Find a wide variety of goods
  • Selling Established Products: buy brands that people already know, love, and trust.
  • Save On Shipping Cost: Having lower shipping costs means even more savings for your business
  • Buying an established business means immediate cash flow.
  • You will acquire existing customers, contacts, goodwill, suppliers, staff, plant, equipment and stock.
  •  A market for your product or service is already established.
Travel And Shop For Business
  • Tax write-offs galore: Business Class Flights, 50 Percent of Food and Entertainment When You're Traveling For Work
  • Business Attire: Writing off Business Clothing When You're Taking Business Trips
  • Luxury Car Rental: When You're On Business Trips And Need To Rent Luxury Cars Like Limo's, Mercedes, or BMW's To Impress That Potential Client
  • Staying At 5 Star Hotels and Resorts
  •  Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
Why choose a 
When registering a company, C corporation or C corp is the most common corporation type, but it isn’t always the top choice for small business owners. 

C corporations provide full protection to owners, who are called shareholders, meaning owners are typically not personally responsible for business debts and liabilities. 

Starting a C corporation may also offer greater tax advantages because of an expanded ability to deduct employee benefits, which are most often used by growing businesses.
C-Corporation Advantages
Starting a C corporation typically provides a number of advantages:
Limited liability protection. Owners are not typically responsible for business debts and liabilities.
Unlimited owners. C corps can have an unlimited number of shareholders.
Borrow From Retire Plan. C corps are the only business structure you can use to borrow from your 401k or other retirement plans without being penalized or taxed on for early withdrawal to start a business.
Easy transfer of ownership. Ownership is easily transferable through the sale of stock.
Unlimited life. When a C corporation’s owner incurs a disabling illness or dies, the corporation does not cease to exist.
Owners take reasonable salaries. Salaries paid to owners of C Corporations, though taxable to them as salary, are deducted from C Corp profits for income tax purposes.
Owners are not automatically taxed on business earnings. In contrast to pass-through entities like LLCs, earnings of a C Corporation are not automatically taxed to the owners. They are taxed to owners if distributed as dividends. The C Corp pays tax on its income at C Corp tax rates.
Raise capital more easily. Additional capital can be raised by selling shares of stock.
Retained earnings inside the business. A C Corp could successfully retain earnings for reasonable business needs, if it complies with the accumulated earnings tax provisions, instead of distributing them to shareholders.
Credibility. C Corps may be perceived as a more professional/legitimate entity than a sole proprietorship or general partnership.
Lower audit risk. Generally C corporations are audited less frequently than sole proprietorships.
Tax deductible expenses. Business expenses may be tax-deductible.
Self-employment tax savings. A C corporation can offer self-employment tax savings, since owners who work for the business are classified as employees.
  •  Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee
Here's How And Why We're Different
The 3wayfunding System Does Alot
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3wayfunding Orders The Articles Of Incorporation For You 
  • Protect Your Personal Assets - Incorporating your business is one of the best ways you can protect your personal assets. By Using A C-Corporation to separate you from the business ensures that your personal assets are safe.
  •  Have Easier Access to Capital - Raising capital is generally easier for a corporation, since a corporation can issue shares of stock. 
  • Enhance Your Business’ Credibility - The benefits of incorporating go beyond finances. Suppliers, customers and business associates often perceive corporations as being more stable than unincorporated businesses
3wayfunding Does The Data Base Registration For You
  • Business Registration- gives credibility and trust and also ensures confidence and your investors or lenders will see that they are dealing with a company and will be willing to do lend you money if other terms and conditions are made.
  •  Registering your business gives your potential customers confidence that they are dealing with a reputable organization.
  • Registering your C-Corporation makes it easier for lenders and customers to find you in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
3wayfunding Orders The Corporate Kit For Your Business
  • Provides a safe place to store and organize all your important company documents.
  •  The bylaws are a clear and concise definition of the structure of your corporation, and include identification of the directors and officers of the corporation as well as their duties and responsibilities. The bylaws also define the day-to-day procedures of the company.
  •  A corporation's stock certificates demonstrate the number of shares issued to the shareholder, thus displaying ownership within the corporation. Stock certificates are issue to help raise capital for the corporation
Reduce Your Business Taxes With A C-Corporation
  • Minimizing your overall tax burden- The new corporate tax rate of 21 percent reduced from 35 percent means a significant tax savings for all C corporations, especially if a business doesn’t regularly make distributions to owners in the form of dividends.
  •  The C-Corporation can fully deduct its share of payroll taxes.
  • One Huge advantages of the C corporation structure is that it’s the only entity that supports 401(k) business financing (formally called the Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) arrangement.) ROBS allows entrepreneurs to use their retirement funds as business financing without incurring tax penalties or early withdrawal fees.
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  • Employer Identification Numbers allows you to eliminate your social security number
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  •  Learn, how to build business credit and Corporate Credit
  •  Quickly, form a corporation in 24hrs
  •  Simple 3 step corporation setup
  •  Learn, how to get business funding without a personal guarantee


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