Want To Build Wealth and Live The Life You Deserve By Leveraging The Banks Money, 
Regardless Of Your Credit History?
How You Can Benefit From Business Credit?
Eliminate That Personal Guarantee
In many cases small business owners want to completely eliminate that need to use their social security number when applying for a business credit card or business loans.  However, most of them end up in the wrong business structure which keeps them attached to the business.  That's why we focus how helping small business owners to chose the right business structure so that the business could take on a credit profile of its own.
Easier Access To Business Credit and Cash To Invest Back In To The Business, Real Estate or Other Under-valued Assets
By properly structuring the business the correct way this would allows the business owner to have easier access to cash and credit to help them grow their business, real estate investing or other investment opportunity like stock trading.
Eliminate Personal Liability and Reduce Tax Liabilty
In most cases, small business owners and entrepreneurs end up putting their business and personal assets on the line because of their bad choice in business structuring.  They also end up paying more in business taxes which eats up their profits.  That's why 3wayfunding business credit program focuses on the best ways to help you eliminate these liabilities that threaten the lively hood of the business and personal assets..
How Business Credit Can Make You Rich?
How to set up a C-Corporation and Why?
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